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This is some of my work, in chronological order. The most importants are already shown in the home page. Unfortunately, most of them are not finished.


See the article - November 2008

Screenshot Screenshot

A simulation project where sharks and fishs coexist in a stable system.

4 in a line

Play it online - Java applet - Free (under GPL) - January 2008


A "4-in-a-line" online remake. Made to implement the Min-Max algorithm (really simple artificial intelligence algorithm).


Download (91Ko) - Windows - Free - June 2004

Screenshot Screenshot

The game which I learnt C++. This pong remake (which an old-school look) have different game modes (against computer or an other player), different difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard) and is really funny.

The game have bugs, and so It just doesn't work on every computers. I began to re-write it, more clearly, and I will show you then!


Download (74Ko) - Windows - Free under GPL - August 2003


This program transform a traditional picture (BMP, JPEG or PNG) to a HTML file which paint the picture with 0 and 1. (examples here and here)

Ok, This is really useless :).


Download (188Ko) - Windows - Free - May 2003

Screenshot Screenshot

This a little oldschool demo made for a "Demomaking" contest. A simple technical demo without constraint. I made it with PureBasic, which is a programming language situated somewhere between C and Basic.

Project Nitro

Download (91Ko) - Windows - Free - Mars 2003

Screenshot Screenshot

Made during a few days with PureBasic, this is the begining of an old amiga game remake. Graphics have been made by my brother (using Paint :p).

Unfortunately, this game doesn't work on every computers, and I lost the source code.

My first demo

Download (1,12 Mo) - Windows - Free - September 2002


My first demo, made with DarkBasic.

Space Fighters

Download (746Ko) - Windows - Free - August 2002

Screenshot Screenshot

Destroy enemy spaceships by slaloming between theirs laser shots, and blow up hightscores! It looks like an arcade cabinet game, made with DarkBasic in a few days. Graphics are home-made (and it is visible :D). This is little game with no pretension.

Mixem's boxes

Download (1,40 Mo) - Windows - Free - Begining of 2002

Screenshot Screenshot

My first project, a Sokoban remake, which contains 10 graphics themes, a level-editor and a 2-players mode.

Made with Orson, who made graphics (still with Paint!), we never finished it.

So this is the beta version, as it was during the development phase. Most of the levels are in the A-player mode, « Tableaux externes » and you can unlock level editor with F3 button. The game is playable and some levels are interesting. This project should have been nice!